3rd International Conference Agrafa "Research in graphic design, graphic design in reseach", ASP Katowice, January 2012

Professor Jorge Frascara is one of the keynote speakers of the 3rd International Conference Agrafa: "Research in graphic design, graphic design in reseach", ASP Katowice, January 2012. 

Initial reading alphabet 
This alphabet was designed for children with serious working memory problems. Dr. T.M. Nelson provided the initial concept explaining that, unlike letters, pattern perception does not require working memory. Through testing procedures the 500 patterns designed by Frascara were used to arrive at the 30 most distinguishable ones. Attached to the backgrounds of letters they led to successful results reported in specialized literature. Nelson, T.M., Frascara, J., et al, “Improving Perception of Letters and Visual Structure of Language” Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1999, 88 pp 515–530.


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    Do you know the website for the 3rd International Conference "Research in Graphic Design, Graphic Design in Research"? There seems to be only one page up at present (http://conference.aspkat.edu.pl/2011/). There was a full site up in July which seems to have disappeared!


  2. Hello Jennifer,
    the address you have is correct > http://conference.aspkat.edu.pl/2011/
    As far as I know there will be more information soon after the submission of abstracts (full program).

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