Jarema Drogowski
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw assistant in prof. Buszewicz studio
/ working on PhD / artist / streetarter, painter, graphic, poster designer 
assistant lecturer at workshop graphics workroom of the Institute for Art Education
I'm just starting a new art-project to create a new glyph called "wisper sign". The whisper sign will mark a quiet or tranquil part of utterance. Generally, the new glyph is planned to be the opposite of exclamation mark.
I've decided to take part in the workshop to learn more about typography, as the proper realization of my project requires a solid meritorious background.
The workshop gives me an opportunity to learn more about typography from the real experts from Poland and abroad, whom I couldn't meet otherwise.

Paweł Krzywda
ASP Katowice / teacher of typography / graphic designer
I’m a lecturer on typography in AFA Katowice.
I’m going to teach my students how to design typefaces.
I have been designing my own typeface for two years.
Arleta Sternal 
University of Silesia, Katowice Fine Arts
Education, majoring in Commercial Design / MA in art
I like attaining new skills. Commercial design is my job and hobby. I know that designing for children is hard, so I want to know how to do it correctly.

Bogna Kowalska 
graduate student (New Media Art, Polish-Japanese
Institute of Information Technology) / master degree (Education of Art, Opole University)
I explore letter forms in ceramics, animation, graphic design works which relate to particular subject and purpose. I expand that experience as much as I can. My recent projects have educational character.
Typography medium is a great tool to understand communicating process. FontLab is another way to develop sign forms, to visualize news for changing receiver.

Anna Czubilińska
ASP Katowice / student
I'm an illustrator and freelancer. I've got some knowledge about typography but I've never actually designed a typeface. I'm still a student so now it is the best time for me to try as many 'fields' of graphic design as I can. In my opinion every designer should have basic awareness of structure, feature and utility of a type. Maybe I won't be a regular type designer, but I think this workshop helps me  to improve my skills.

Katarzyna Kara 
ASP Katowice / student
I am very interested in gaining every kind of knowledge in the field of children illustration. I've already attempted to make children illustration and tried to create some books. It was hard to find a well looking font, and what's more, I felt like a complete amateur in this field and worked instinctively. The opportunity to see the professional approach is very valuable for me, especially because few people in Poland work this way. I am concious that illustration for the youngest is not only the matter of taste and creativity, but should also be based on psychological, physiological and educative knowledge.

Jusyna Brzostowska 
Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu / student
3 years ago I started studying the art of typography. To be honest at first I didnt know what I was doing. After many, many hours of observing and studying different typefaces, discovering new tools that can be used to produce new letters I noticed that it gives me pure pleasure. I am fascinated by well designed lettering and typography which is unfairly not noticed by many but its presence is appreciated unknowingly by the masses.
Taking part in this worshop would be an immense opportunity to enhance my knowledge. I am convinced that my participation will be very inspiring for me. It will be fruitfull experience.

Szymon Sznajder 
Graphic design student  at University of Arts in Poznań
At the beginning of my studies I got interested in Typography. I have become a member of Sign and Typography Studio, (supervisor: Krzysztof Kochnowicz) and I have participated in others connected with visual communication. 
What is more, I have some achievements in field of typography e.g. (1) award in competition to design the new logo of Gniezno city; (2) publication of Simonella typeface in “Projektowanie Graficzne w Polsce” (Jacek Mrowczyk and Michał Warda, 2010). I have taken part in workshops directed by David Březina (Aug 2009) and Łukasz Dziedzic (Dec 2010). Now, I am designing a new type with Polish signs as my project for Bachelor's degree. I am really interested in typography, especially I am fascinated by improving type quality for youngs and adults with dyslexia. I am highly motivated to make a progress in Typography and I would like to follow my passion further. That is why I would like to participate in “Ala ma Fonta” workshop. 
I believe that it will give me an opportunity not only to improve my knowledge and skills, but also to establish new relationships. I think it will be a fruitful experience for me and your good investment as well.

Szymon Celej 
Polsko-Japońska Wyższa
Szkoła Technik Komputerowych / student
I would like to take part in the workshop because I'm interested in creating new font and learning about this subject. This is a unique opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills.

Zofia Oslislo 
ASP Katowice / teacher in new media publication
/ graphic designer
I would like to take part in this workshop because I found the topic very interesting. I am a book and web sites designer and I work with type all the time. As an assistant I also teach students about typefaces and how to use them at various workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The topic – typeface for children – interests me particularly – because it is at the same time very elementary and very complex. I had a chance to be a part of the team organizing the competinion “A book well designed – let's start from children” . During this contest and conference I had the opportunity to come across lots of problems and challenges which are connected with designing for children.

Viktoriya Grabowska (Gadomska)
Assistant in the studio of Typography and Sign UA
in Poznan / designer works for Morski studio
I am a graphic designer understood as the wide spectrum of activity in the subject. The typeface design is the most important part of my interests and I wish to stay the main one in the future. I would like to learn more about typeface design. I admire and value the achievements of this workshop's instructors.

Tomasz Fabianowicz 
Wydział Wzornictwa Przemysłowego ASP
Warszawa / Graphic designer
In my work I’m rather concentrated on typesetting and DTP than designing fonts. But I often work for publishers who make handbooks for children and I see their poor approach to this subject. I think that this workshops will give me a good opportunity to share experience with interesting people, give me much knowledge and will be a great adventure ;]

Grzegorz Owczarek
ASP Katowice / Student
In my opinion typefaces design is one of the most challenging fields of graphic design. There are so many restrictions, problems and correlations which are the reason for designer's work. I want to learn some technical aspects of typefaces design, which can be useful in my own projects, and meet face to face the artists who are concerned with typefaces design. 

Barbara Bigosińska 
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice 5th year
student / Graphic design
student-assistant in typography class
I believe this workshop is a great investment in myself and my education.
I see it also as an amazing opportunity to learn something new from specialists and as a result become more conscious while dealing with typography for kids. I am sure it will be  well spent time. I could gain some priceless experience to use it in my later work.

Martyna Bargiel
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
graphic design – IIIrd year /student
I am keen on participating in the workshop because I’m passionate about graphic design and my main purpose is constant making my skills and abilities better – to be a true professional. The field of font design seems to me a fascinating ground and additionally, this kind of knowledge is very difficult to gain for a student. Moreover, presence of the experts active in many areas of both design and science, makes the workshop really valuable and enriching in the aspect of exploring different opinions. I think I would definitely be a careful and enthusiastic participant as I love to learn new things.

Joanna Biedna
Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology; 
Diploma February 2010 / Architect
I am interested in designing for children, because I believe, that it is very important to teach esthetics from the very beginning, by means of well designed toys, books, illustrations. Unfortunately nowadays people in Poland are not well enough educated in esthetics,  very often they do not feel the beauty, colors and good quality. I know, that it is also because we have a big esthetic mess on the streets because of “cheap” advertisement, not designed graphics, furniture and everyday things just things made by.. someone, and people do not feel it at all. They are used to living surrounded by trash. Therefore I think it is important to work on their esthetic feeling from their childhood.
Fonts in children books are in my opinion double important: they can also make children motivated to read at all and give them fun from reading books.
And I like well designed books.

Marcin Kasperek
ASP Katowice / student
Why this workshop?
I would like to know the rules of the typefaces design. I hope it helps to better understand the structure of  text, which is always a part of graphic design. In my opinion the effort of typeface structure design  will be helpful in getting wise in legibility and readability in typography and helps in achieving purposefully the best typefaces for project functions.
What's more, as long as I remember I've wished to try and design a typeface, but I wasn't brave enough to do it – workshop is the best time to take a challenge.

Tomasz Bierkowski
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice / teacher in typography
“No more fonts!” wrote a famous czech type designer Frantisek Storm. Of course this sentence is a kind of provocation, but on the other hand if we try to analyze the real reasons of funding many typefaces, we will realize that the most of them are established on self expression or based on lack of any functional aspects.
“Ala ma fonta – workshop...” is a platform of communication between professionals like a researchers, type designers, psychologists; also people from different places, with a different experiences and knowledge. For me it would be a very important lesson: to meet and to work with real professionals, to learn work in group, but mainly – it would be the lesson how to be really useful as a type designer.
Also (or first of all), it will be a great opportunity for me to learn how to think about specific receiver, how to design most functional typefaces, how to define concrete aims and how to solve a concrete problem – especially in the context of designing for children.
Very important and interesting are the questions of methods,  effects and making research connected with building a readability and legibility of children’s texts. Only this workshop gives a chance to know them.
I do believe, that “Ala ma fonta – workshop…” will develop my social sensitive and help to join it with my professional life and redefine my profession.

Anna Zając
ASP Katowice /student
I am interested in graphic design and typography. Unfortunately I have little knowledge in integrating typography with images dedicated for children. I would like to expand my abilities to do it properly. I know I have a unique chance to learn from people who are the best graphic designers in the world. I would have  honor to meet them and gain so much valuable tips from them.

Anna Bil
ASP Katowice /student
I'm glad, that I can take part in this workshop. 
The first reason is that I am interested in graphic design in general and I am particularly  keen on illustrations for children. It will be nice, if I could combine the knowledge about typography and illustration.
Despite the fact that the idea of creating new fonts has always seemed very difficult to me, I am very curious how to do this. And now there is a good opportunity to try!
What I like very much is the concept of this workshop which includes lectures and practical tasks. I hope, it will help me to get more information about typography, type design, graphic design for kids and graphic design in general.

Barbara Żach 

Illustrator / Art Director/Copywriter / Warsaw
I work as an illustrator and I would like to make illustrations for childrens books. The Children's world is close to my heart. I have worked as a volounteer with children for many years and I like the way they see the world. I can learn a lot from them and at the same time I want to show them what I feel. Participation in this project would be a really great experience for me. I expect to meet interesting people, learn a lot and enjoy the time with these, who like me are fascinated with kids and art.

Kamil Kamysz 
Assistant at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts
in Krakow, Faculty of Industrial Design, Department
of Visual Communication
For the last two years I have been working with kids, supervising design courses for children at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (in cooperation with Children’s University in Krakow).
I’d like to take part in the workshop mainly because I have recently started working on my PhD thesis. The subject is An interactive children’s book for iPad. Working on typeface design during this workshop could greatly help in my work. 

Agnieszka Małecka 
ASP Katowice /teacher in graphic design
I don’t know enough about fonts and I know nothing about how to design them. I have always wanted to have a go at it and this is a great opportunity.  I have struggled with a decision only because  It will be very difficult to organize time for it + I will be a 100% beginner!  I don’t know about other participants (?). I like working with details, mastering them. I think I’m more a type than (for example a poster person), so maybe I am a type type?