lapikon | Exhibition & Publication

Opening of the Ala ma font(a) final exhibition of the workshop result  – Martin Majoor, Anne Bessemans, Filip Blazek, Eben Sorkin (on skype), Marian Misiak and the group of workshop’s participants will take place on 11th of January 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice during III rd International Design Conference Agrafa. 
There will be a publication lapikon accompaining the exhibition containing texts written by teachers and 15 examples of students typefaces created during the workshop.



Martin Majoors Questa at the exhibition in Walker Art Center

A book by Martin Majoor & Sébastien Morlighem

Martin Majoor & Sébastien Morlighem
José Mendoza y Almeida


édition bilingue français-anglais
bilingual French-English publication
Traduit de l’anglais par Étienne DobenesqueTranslated from the French by Jan Middendorp
Introduction de Jan Middendorp
176 pages
170 x 245 mm
ISBN 978-2-35654-008-9 


Bronisław Zelek | wykład Mariana Misiaka

Fascinating story of Bronisław Zelek – polish type and poster designer and sailor!


Another interesting font on Google web fonts:) http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Signika


Last Meeting 25–27.11.2011

Dear Participants,
We are presenting Anne's requirements for the participants last meeting.
Please prepare:
– introduction to your idea of the project
– a method, if possible
– Result: the way how you translated ideas into a design
– a discussion (can be several ways of possible designs)
– a conclusion (final result). 
Anne Bessemans will review yours materials, assume and help you in preparation of the publications of results came from your researches.
The last meeting is payed for gathering materials to the book and exhibition redact them consistently and elegant.
We wish your pictures and text present good academic level so please prepare your works and yourself to this final review.

ArsGrafia festival 2011

We would like to invite You to participate in:

organized by:
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice – Institute of Art Theory and History
Chair of Graphic Art
His Magnificence Prof. M.Oslislo, Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
His Magnificence Prof. T.Miczka, Rector of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice
Dr. G.Hańderek, Dean of the Faculty of Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Doc. Z.Janáček, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Ostrava
Prof. M.Łuszczak, Head of the Institute of Art – Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Silesia
Prof. J.Pamuła, President of the International Print Triennial Cracow
M.Kuś, Director of BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice
M.Zieliński, Director of Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris cultural institution in Katowice

fine art
bieguny / poles
November 23–26, 2011
23.11.2011 poles conference
Conference: Poles, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice Auditorium, Raciborska 37
Concert: Krzysztof Zgraja, Academy of Music in Katowice
24.11.2011 laboratory
Laboratory: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Koszarowa 19/BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice
25.11.2011 workshop
Workshop: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice Rondo Sztuki Gallery
Young Graphic Art Exhibition from the University of Arts in Poznan
26.11.2011 poles of graphic art / Cieszyn
Poles Institute of Art in Cieszyn
1. Poles exhibition [Banaszkiewicz-Kula], University Gallery, Cieszyn
2. Poles exhibition [Ożóg-Hańderek], Nová Síň Gallery, Ostrava


Concert during next workshop

Dear Participants of Ala ma fonta!,

You all are invited for the part of the Silesian String Quartet Festival which takes place every year in Katowice giving us opportunity to listen great music by classic and contemporary chambers music composers.

This year during your stay we may get free entrance for the part II
25–27 November, concerts start at 19.00 – 7 pm

Fjord One Viktorii Grabowskiej na Google Web Fonts

Krój Fjord One Viktorii Grabowskiej, uczestniczki warsztatów Ala ma fonta! jest już dostępny na Google Web Fonts,   
g r a t u l u j e m y ! :)

Więcej o pracy Viktorii możecie przeczytać na jej blogu: http://vikaniesiada.blogspot.com/


III International Design Conference – Programme

11.01.2012 Wednesday

17.30 – opening of the Ala ma font(a) final exhibition of the workshop result  – Martin Majoor, Anne Bessemans, Filip Blazek, Eben Sorkin (on skype), Marian Misiak and the group of workshop’s participants.
Reception – meeting of the conference lecturers / translators / organizers

12.01.2012 Thursday

9.30 – opening: rektor of the Academy of fine Arts in Katowice prof. Marian Oslislo

Jorge Frascara Ca
+ 10 minutes QA
Severin Wucher D
+ 10 minutes QA

11.50–12.10 coffee

Lucienne Roberts UK
10 minutes QA
Tiina Kymalainen Fi
+ 10 minutes QA

13.30–15.00 lunch

Joachim Sauter G
10 minutes QA
Jennifer Williams & Ian Gwit Australia / UK
10 minutes QA

16.20–16.40 – coffee

Ralf Dringenberg & Anja Stöffler, Kristofer Oedekoven (Assistent) G
10 minutes QA
Jan Kubasiewicz USA
10 minutes QA

18.00 discussion panel: moderator Marian Oslislo
Jerzy Gołuchowski, Jorge Frascara, Severin Wucher, Joachim Sauter, Lucienne Roberts, Ralf Dringenberg & Anja Stöffler, Kristofer Oedekoven, Tiina Kymalainen, Jennifer Williams & Ian Gwit, Jan Kubasiewicz

19.30 reception

13.01.2012 Friday

Gerard Unger NL
+10 minutes QA
Indra Kupferschmid G
10 minutes QA

11.20–11.40 coffee

Guillermina Noël I
+10 minutes QA
Marina Emmanouil Turkey
+10 minutes QA

13.00–14.30 lunch

Alecos Papadatos Gr
+10 minutes QA
Karel van der Waarde NL
+10 minutes QA

15.50–16.10 coffee

Jorge Meza Aguilar Mexico
+10 minutes QA
Richard B. Doubleday USA
+10 minutes QA

17.30–19.00 discussion panel: moderator Justyna Lauer – dean of the design department / introducing lecture  Maria Seliger Fi, Gerry Leonidas, Gerard Unger, Indra Kupferschmid, Guillermina Noël, Marina Emmanouil, Alecos Papadatos, Karel van der Waarde, Jorge Meza Aguilar, Richard B. Doubleday

19.15 closing words

19.30 Reception