Next meetings

30th September – 2nd October
Martin Majoor – Marian Misiak

Yadzia Williams – the leader of the program in publication and illustration for children,
Glyndwr University, Wales, the co-author of the "Encyclopedia of the publication and illustration for children" will visit us during the workshop.
Yadzia Williams and Ania Machwic will give an presentation in good and bad samples of using typography in children's publication.
Durring the days of workshop they will talk individually, about your concepts of publication for children
and using text connected with illustration in children's publication.

They will introduce the project of illustrating bilingual proverbs. They realize this project as an international collaboration in publication design. The first results of concepts will be presented as a part
of international exhibition of Proverbs accompanied The International conference in Illustration,
in Glyndwr University, Wrexham on 3rd November 2011.

You are invited to participate, presenting chosen samples of your typefaces working with bilingual text of the given proverbs.

14th – 16th October
Marian Misiak – Filip Blazek

25th–27th November
Marian Misiak – Martin Majoor

Ann Bessemans is coming for final review.
Ann will advice you how to present the researches as a part of the presentation of your typefaces exhibition.

9th January 2012
3rd International conference in design, AGRAFA, Katowice 2012
Research in graphic design. Graphic design in research.

Opening of the final exhibition of the works came from workshop
and seminar in typography and publication for children's design research.

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